how to use ear candles

How to use Ear Candles

Here you will find Step by Step Ear Candling Instructions. The first thing you should know is how to choose the right Ear Candles. Next, find out how you can better prepare yourself for Ear Candling. Finally, learn how to use Ear Candles, to better understand the ear candling process. 

Choosing the right Ear Candles

Ear cone candle

Most of the Ear Candles on the market today, do not have a proper cone shape. The cone shape is what creates the vortex of warm air that flows into your ear. Candles without the cone shape, cannot have a vortex.

Click here for more on conical shapes and their effects on vortexes.

Be aware of the cheap knock offs. Many cone shaped candles are of poor quality. These inferior candles will not get you the results you’re after.  

Best Ear Candle Design

We’ve worked with Practitioners to develop the Best Ear Candle Design, that offers the Best Ear Candling Experience.  Handcrafted with Pure Bees Wax and Raw Cotton. 

earwax candles
cone candle

Preparing for Ear Candling

Lymphatic drainage massage to the face and neck, will help lymph fluids to flow more quickly. This will help to create a better  Ear Candling Experience. More info…

Apply oil to the inner ear using a qtip, to help soften up stubborn earwax prior to Ear Candling. Olive oil is the most commonly used. 

You are now ready to move onto the Ear Candling process.

Step by Step Ear Candling Instructions.

Below you will find 8 simple steps to proper ear candling.   The image shows the person sitting down, but you can also lay down on your side. The preference is yours. 

step by step ear candling instructions

Massage lymph nodes to stimulate movement and promote circulation 

of the fluids.

ear candling instructions

Protect skin and exposed parts of 

the body from the potential ash 

that may fall.

safe use of ear candles

Carefully light larger end checking 

for and removing any loose 

material and strings.

step by step ear candling instructions

Insert into ear and hold on an angle 

away from the body and observe 

flame for safety.

ear wax candles instructions

Burn for 2 inches then remove to 

trim ash end and check for any 

blockages in ear candle.

using ear wax candles safely

Cut ash end into water for safety 

and blow through ear candles to 

ensure proper air flows

ear wax cleaning

Repeat steps 3 to 6 until ear candle 

is approximately 4 inches long.

Takes approx. 15 minutes per ear.

how to do ear candling

When finished remove and put 

flame end into water to prevent 

smoking.  Do not blow out.

Ear Candling Video

Below is a video demonstration on Ear Candling which aired in a news segment.  It shows a Practitioner, safely using Ear Candles on her client. There are many videos online showing people using Ear Candles on themselves. We do no recommend this. Always have a professional do the Ear Candling. 

What do Ear Candles do?

Now that you know how to use Ear Candles, find out what they do. More info….


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