Looking for Help with Earwax Removal?

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Ears produce wax to protect the tiny bones and nerves inside the middle and inner ear.  


These bones and nerves vibrate to create the sounds we hear.

qtips do not work


Qtips are not able to reach deep enough to remove earwax located in the middle and inner ear, which is where the excess wax builds up.

ear wax build up

Excess Earwax

Earwax build up is a common  undiagnosed problem.  Its symptoms include head aches, ear aches, eye aches, nausea, dizziness and other more serious health issues.

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Earwax Candles

These Candles warm up the inner ear and help to loosen earwax.


This makes it easier for the body to push it out to where it can be removed.

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Key Points about Excess Earwax

  • Earwax is a normal substance that helps protect the inside of your ear canal.
  • When too much earwax builds up (gets impacted), it can cause symptoms such as temporary hearing loss, dizziness, nausea, head aches, retention of water in the canal, earache, ringing in the ears, eardrum hole, swimmers ear, even bleeding from the ear.
  • It is more common in older adults.
  • Certain health conditions make it more likely to have impacted earwax.
  • Ear Candles can help to loosen stubborn earwax and blockages.
  • You might need special drops like olive oil to help loosen stubborn earwax.
  • There are many ways to treat excess and impacted earwax, some more invasive than others.  Do your research and find the treatment that feels best for you. Earwax Candles have been used since 2500bc and still being practiced to day. When considering Ear Candling, always make sure you are using a quality candles, and have a professional assist you. 


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