ear candles
ear candling

Ancient Candling

Dated as far back as 2500B.C., the Ancient Greeks used Ear Candles for spiritual healing.


They later realized that ear candling offered physical benefits as well.

hopi indians

Hopi Candles

American Hopi Indians demonstrated Candling 

in paintings.

Used during healing, and spiritual ceremonies, to warm up the inner ear.

Ear cone candle

A.K.A. Ear Cone Candles

Otherwise known as Cone Candles, for their shape.


It’s the cone shape that creates the vortex of air that flows into the inner ear. 

earwax removal

Earwax Candles

The soothing steam from ear candles warms up the inner ear.


The warmth dislodges stubborn earwax.


The wax can then travel to the outer ear where it can removed.  This will happen over time.

Ear Candling Benefits

Other Benefits of Candling

Maintaining a healthy inner ear flow, is essential to feeling balanced and grounded.


The Organ of Balance, *Vestibular System, is located in the inner ear.

*VESTIBULAR SYSTEM - The Organ of Balance

 Sensory information is provided by the vestibular apparatus. When the head rotates in the direction sensed by the ear canal, the fluid within it lags behind. 


This exerts pressure against the canal’s sensory receptor. The receptor then sends impulses to the brain. 


It’s this system that keeps us feeling balanced and grounded.


Vestibular disorders affect individuals physically AND psychologically. These disorders happen not only in their physical manifestation, but in their psychological manifestation as well. 


And while it is important to understand your physical symptoms, it is equally important to understand your psychological symptoms. They can often trigger and/or exacerbate your physical symptoms.  More.


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