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Ear Candle Shop

Established since 1995, our Ear Candle Shop is located in the Cliffside Village area of Toronto Canada, right by the beach.


We Manufacture and Supply our Premium Quality Ear Candles to Health stores, Clinics, Spa’s and Practitioners across Canada. More info…

Health Store?

ear candle shop

Our Compact Displays will Attract and Educate your customers and help Increase Your Sales!

Clinic or Spa?

This service is billable through Health Insurance plans , with massage therapy benefits!


ear candle shop

Offer our Ear Candles to your clients and we’ll keep them coming back for more!

Let’s talk about how our Special Pricing and Programs can help to 

Increase Your Ear Candle Sales!  

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Questions or Comments? Please feel free to reach out to us anytime!

We use Canada Post to Deliver our Ear Candles to you. This ensures speedy and safe delivery from our door to yours.  Because of their weight, delivery costs are low and damage in transit is next to impossible.  If you have your own shipping account with Canada Post we can arrange for the delivery costs to be billed to your account direct from Canada Post.  If you have an account with another delivery company please provide these details so that we can arrange pick up by them.  Local, cash on delivery orders are delivered by our own staff free of charge when minimum orders are met.  You can also arrange to pick your order up from our shop directly, and avoid delivery charges.  Pick ups are available between 9 a.m, and 6 p.m.

*Because email communication is unencrypted under no circumstance should you ever email us your credit card information. Should you wish to make a credit card payment you may do so via telephone or via our website checkout process which is encrypted and secure.


Cliffside Village, Toronto, Ontario Canada.