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Welcome to our Ear Candling Blog.

We’ll be sharing tips, tricks, facts, stories and as much wisdom as we can gather. 


We create posts based on the most popular questions and comments we get.  So if you have any questions or something to share, let us know.



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Ear Candles near me

“Where can I find Ear Candles near me?” This is one of the most commonly searched questions.  But, before we connect you with one of our retailers,  there are a couple of things you should know. Here’s what to look for in an ear candle.      All Ear Candles are Not...

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ear candle blog

How to use Ear Candles

Ear Candling Instructions. We get many emails from customers wanting to know how to use ear candles…and what ear candles do….this Blog is for you.    How to use Ear Candles Here you will find Step by Step Ear Candling Instructions.  – The first thing you should know is how to...

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Ear Cone Candles

Most of the Ear Candles on the market today, do not have a proper cone shape. 

The cone shape is what creates the vortex of warm air that flows into your ear. 

Candles without the cone shape, cannot have a vortex.  Click here for more on conical shapes and their effects on vortexes.


Be aware of the cheap knock offs. Many cone shaped candles are made of poor quality materials and workmanship. These inferior candles will not get you the results you’re after.  

Always do your research and make informed decisions.  We hope this information has helped.

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We’ve worked closely with Practitioners to develop a Better Ear Candle Design. Our Better Design offers Better Ear Candling Results.  We make all of our candles fresh to Order, and package them in sealed bags to preserve freshness.  For more information click this link.   

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Best Ear Candling Experience.

Ear Candling and our Balance.

 Sensory information is provided by the Organ of Balance, otherwise known as the Vestibular Apparatus, located at the inner ear. When the head rotates in the direction sensed by the ear canal, the fluid within it lags behind. This exerts pressure against the canal’s sensory receptor. The receptor then sends impulses to the brain. It’s this system that keeps us feeling balanced and grounded.  Keeping this system free from earwax blockages is essential, and Ear Candles can help. More…



Vestibular disorders affect individuals physically AND psychologically. These disorders happen not only in their physical manifestation, but in their psychological manifestation as well. 


And while it is important to understand your physical symptoms, it is equally important to understand your psychological symptoms. They can often trigger and/or exacerbate your physical symptoms.  More…


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