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Ear Candles Canada

Since 1995!

Ear Candles Canada is the leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Premium Quality Ear Cone Candles. 

We are the preferred choice for Health Stores, Clinics, Spa’s, and Practitioners across Canada.


Looking for the Best Ear Candles? 

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Master Candle Maker

Owned and operated by a Master Candle Maker.


We put great skill and attention into every ear cone candle we make.

raw cotton ear candles

Raw Cotton

Each Candle is hand wrapped with the finest Raw Cotton.


Raw Cotton is free from chemicals.


beeswax ear candles


Each Candle is hand dipped in Pure Beeswax.


Beeswax has a high melting point, and burns slowly.

Better Design.

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We’ve worked closely with Practitioners to develop a Better Ear Candle Design. Our Better Design offers Better Ear Candling Results.  We make all of our candles fresh to Order, and package them in sealed bags to preserve freshness.  For more information click this link.   

Not all candles are made equal.

Most of the Ear Candles on the market today, do not have a proper cone shape. The cone shape is what creates the vortex of warm air that flows into your ear.  Candles without the cone shape, cannot have a vortex.  Click here for more on conical shapes and their effects on vortexes.


Be aware of the cheap knock offs. Many cone shaped candles are made of poor quality materials and workmanship. These inferior candles will not get you the results you’re after.  


Buy the Best Ear Candles for the Best Ear Candling Experience!

Buy with confidence knowing that your Candles came from a trusted source. 

We’ve been in business almost 20 years, and continue to grow our clientele each year.

Our track record speaks for itself!


Cliffside Village, Toronto, Ontario Canada.